In addition to hundreds of high school and middle school dances, Blackboard Music has worked on a few unique community events that we found to be very rewarding.  Partnering with such organizations as, Lines for Sober Life, The Boys and Girls Club, Portland Parks and Recreation, the Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland Police Bureau, Willamette Christian Church, Redbull and Jammin 107.5 we have been able to put on events with international superstar artists such as Rihanna, Ray J, Jeremiah, Mario and Wiz Khalifa.  Often, community organizations will approach Blackboard Music, seeking help in youth outreach.  We try to formulate an individualized plan of action to help achieve the goals of the organizations and community groups that come to us.  Whether you are looking to increase involvement in your youth group, appeal your programs to more teens, or have a large one time event for students, Blackboard Music has the skills, expertise and experience to help.  Here are some particularly notable Blackboard Music events:

Working With Superstar Artists

In addition to smaller concerts with local talent, Blackboard also has existing relationships with national talent agencies.  Partnering with Redbull, Lines for Sober Life and local radio stations, Blackboard Music has thrown events for students with such internationally famous artists as Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, Ray J, Mario and Jerimih. We are the only student event company that has access to this type of talent and can easily bring the perfect artist to your event. 

David Douglas Epic High School Winter Formal

Blackboard was contacted by David Douglas High School in the summer of 2009.  Lack of dance attendance and dwindling school spirit had the administration worried about the future of their dances.  They realized that they had to take their dances in a different direction if they wanted to keep them around.   That is when they called Blackboard Music. 

We created a comprehensive plan to throw an epic homecoming for them that would appeal to their entire student body.  Instead of using most of the homecoming budget to purchase a venue, as they had in years past, David Douglas decided to spend that money on putting on an epic production.   Guiding them through every step of the process, Blackboard Music worked with the administration and students to create marketing materials and event decorations for the theme “Sweatin’ the 80s.”  After plastering their school with flyers and posters, the event was wildly successful.  Not only did we bring in a break dancing troupe, graffiti artists, a gigantic sound system, and dozens of effect lights, but the dance attendance was four times higher than the previous year’s homecoming.

Multnomah Athletic Club Junior Dance

Portland’s premiere athletic club is constantly looking to involve its younger members.  The MAC Jr. Dance was created to help promote the values of the athletic club to its teen members.  The dance has seen tremendous success, with a normal dance attendance of 500, with a waiting list of hundreds more. Blackboard has been running sound and lights, providing a DJ, a security director, 10 security staff and helping with logistics and themes for this monthly dance for the past 15 years. 

789 Jam on The Hill with Willamette Christian Church

789JAM is a community-based organization founded by Brian Grant, the West Linn Police Department and West Linn Parks & Recreation, and Willamette Christian Church, which offers monthly dance parties for 6th – 9th graders.  They contacted blackboard music with the idea for the dance and we helped them hammer out the logistics.  We now provide the security, sound, lights and DJ for this fantastic monthly event. Now in its fifth year of operation, 789JAM has held more than 25 dances, chaperoned by more than 750 volunteers, and attended by more than 7500 students.

 Friday Night Live Middle School Dances at Boys & Girls Clubs and Conestoga Recreation Center

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Portland were having trouble getting teens through their doors.  They partnered with Blackboard Music to start an outreach campaign to get more teens involved in their clubs.  Together we started the “Friday Night Live” monthly middle school dances.  With the help of Blackboard Music's social media team, Friday Night Live dances took off, bringing many new teens to the Boys and Girls Clubs.  The teens not only enjoyed the dances, but got involved in activities and programs at the clubs.   

The HoopDance Middle School Dances

Blackboard Music ran the largest middle school drug and alcohol free event in the history of the Portland area for ten years.  The Hoop Dance gave middle school students from Portland and Beaverton a place to have fun in a safe, supervised environment.  With attendance constantly over 700, the Hoop Dance was able to bring in national touring artists such as Rhianna, Mario and Jeremiah.

 The Courts High School Dances

High School kids in the Portland-Metro area did not have many options of what to do on a typical weekend. To help these kids make good decisions, Blackboard Music started the “Courts” as a drug and alcohol free place to go on Friday nights.  The dance quickly grew and became the largest reoccurring high school event in Portland.